Furry Art

Capture the essence of your fursona with a custom furry art commission! These one-of-a-kind illustrations showcase your character in a cute and charming style, and bring your fursona to life.

My art style is playful and toony and finished to a high specification (300DPI, A4 size, minimum). 

Furry Art

This is one or two character artwork showing characters in a full body pose with a simple colour background and hint of grass or other outdoorsy bits in the background.



  • Extra characters: +$30
  • Patreon discount: $-10


  • Price includes a simple background and choice of one prop per character (if desired)
  • SFW only
  • Your choice of character(s) and clothing.
  • All commissions are up to a month for completion.
  • Form must include all the information I need to finish your commission.

Order form

Use the form below to order art of your character in this style. Before submitting please read my terms of service.

If the form is too restrictive you can email me at Alby@albys.space instead and we can discuss your commission in more depth!

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