Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This page is for my commission terms and conditions. Have a read through and contact me if there are any issues!

General terms and conditions

  • All commission enquiries must either be sent via a form on this website, or via email to alby@albys.space, I no longer take commissions over messaging services and social media.
  • Your email or form entry must include all the information required to finish your commission. If you need to change this information you need to re-submit the full form or email.
  • Reference images must show all markings and be in flat colour.
  • Please write to me politely and not in RP speak.
  • Invoices are sent in USD, but I can send in GBP upon request.
  • You may not upload my art to InkB*nny or E621.

Absolute Nos

The following rules are important to me and failure to obey them will get you blocked on every platform by me permanently:

  • Please understand that I only do art part time, so if you are pushy and require daily updates, I can’t work with you.
  • I do not work with people who commission NSFW art involving characters depicted as minors.
  • I do not work with homophobes/transphobes/nazis or anyone adjacent to being totally horrible.

The commission process

I aim to complete all commissions within a calendar month, or two months for larger projects and group pieces.

For commissions, I will provide you with work-in-progress images at the sketch, lining and colour stages of the work. This gives you opportunities to ask for edits.

For YCHs you will not be provided WIPs, as the sketch is already shown in the form of an advert, and the aim is to provide a quicker and less customised service, you will however be able to request minor edits when the YCH is delivered.

Refunds and cancellations

Refunds are only applicable in the event where I do not finish your image within a month of payment being sent, two months for large, group images. At that point, you can choose to keep waiting, or to get a refund.

I reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason, and if I do cancel, a refund will only be provided where no work has been done.

Change requests

All commissions are set to be completed within a month. This does not include if changes need to be made. If changes need to be made please allow an extra week each time you ask for changes. I can’t guarantee I can fix issues within a day.

Chasing up

Please feel free to ask for art updates at any time, providing you’re not asking me daily or on Telegram/social media okay with this. If you want to check in the easiest way is to email alby@albys.space or use this contact form.


I send invoices immediately when I receive your Paypal address. Payments are due within 24 hours of the invoice being sent.

In some cases I will allow people to claim a piece and pay later providing they have informed me and we’ve mutually agreed, though your piece will enter the back of my queue only after payment is made.

Changes to art

If there is an issue with a piece of art, or a mistake I have made, let me know! I am happy to make changes.

Please be aware that change requests after a piece is finished will extend your piece’s due date by a week, to allow me extra time to fix them up.

Whilst I am fine with any changes where I have made a mistake, I might charge for changes that are not my fault, depending on how time consuming they are.

Edits that I do not charge for:

  • Edits to sketches
  • Expression changes
  • Colour changes (where no re-drawing is needed)
  • Any mistakes I have made (markings or accidentally drawn you in the wrong outfit)

Edits that I do charge for:

  • Full commission re-sketch ($20)
  • Changing an outfit at the end of a commission ($20 per outfit on a commission, $10 on a YCH) – during the sketch phase is fine, and free.
  • Adding extra details/items after a piece is finished to the original spec: $20-$50
  • Non-mistake based changes at the end of a commission. For example, adding an item to it. These will be priced depending on how long they will take to edit.

Things I will not change, period:

  • Backgrounds on YCHs, these are my own concepts and I want to keep them.
  • Edits that are requested over a month after a piece is finished (unless it is a mistake I made, then happy to help).

Can I edit your art?

No, I’d rather you ask me to fix any issues you have with it!

Whilst I would much prefer you ask me directly to make edits to your artwork, I am fine with the following:

  • You can use YCHs as Telegram stickers
  • If you have a piece of art of a character holding a sign, or with a caption/speech bubble, I am happy with you editing the text/images to make more variations. Providing it’s nothing offensive!
  • Silly things like turning them in to memes or whatever.

If you’re unsure feel free to ask!

Can I use your art for profit?

No, unless agreed previously. I sell my art at a personal rate. If you want to sell it as stickers, designs or anything that classes as commercial use I would be charging at a higher rate for this. For commercial quotes please contact me otherwise do not use my art for profit, thank you!

This extends use of my art as commercial logos, banners and branding, as well as creating NFTs, I am not okay with my art being used in this way unless previously agreed – or if you have paid commercial prices that is fine.

You’re welcome to use my art in anything that is non-profit (personal avatars, giveaway stickers, banners, reposting on your FA profiles) and whilst not essential I would appreciate if you can link back to me where possible.

Will draw – Preferences

I will draw pretty much anything that doesn’t touch my ‘Won’t draw’ list, however there are things I have a preference for, and as a result believe I produce better work at? These being:

  • SFW kidfur art
  • Outdoor play scenes
  • Nature themes

Won’t draw

I will not draw the following:

  • Blood/gore (tend to be fine if it’s a cartoony-violence type thing)
  • Spanking
  • Super detailed characters like idk giant mechas and stuff.


I don’t accept commissions for NSFW art in most cases. I tend to do rare suggestive bits via YCHs but generally I’m not open for customs of this type of work because I’m very picky with themes and scenes that I’m willing to do.

This also goes for wet/messy art. I tend to mark YCHs where I will allow it rather than keep my queue open for it.


I try to keep backups of most art but sometimes things can get lost. After I have sent you your art it is your responsibility not to lose it, there will be no refunds for lost art if I have sent it to you in the past. That said you’re welcome to ask and I can dig around for things I might have, you must provide specifics though.

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