Membership reward form

Membership reward form

Thanks for being a member of my Clubhouse! Your support means a lot to me, here are some rewards to choose from for this month:

Here are this month’s sticker choices! I’m trying four stickers this month to see if the workload spread is a little nicer between them, since we’ve got a lot on this tier!

For Bedtime Frights you can choose a blanket pattern if you like.

As always, if you don’t love any of these choices, you can swap for something from the sticker archive!

For YCHs this month we have a set of playground themed YCHs! As usual you can choose the character and clothing, background is set by me.

For the monkey bar one I’m willing to make a wet alt for free, just note it on the form if you want it.

February’s Form

Please fill in the below form with what you would like, take your time and be sure please!

    Do you want to add-on YCH stickers? (+$20 each)

    I want extra sticker(s)

    Do you want to add-on a YCH? (+$50 each)

    I want to add a YCH(s)

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