Confuzzled 2022

I’m finally back from conferencing and can ramble about Confuzzled!

Firstly, I had a blast 🙂 I don’t think I realised just how much I needed time away from work/art to just unwind and have fun.

I rolled up early to the con, I didn’t want to make my way down to Birmingham and then immediately meet everyone and be tired, so I went on the Wednesday and had a night in the Hilton to just chill beforehand. Here’s some of the fun shiz I got up to!

General stuff

I was super glad to see some friends I haven’t seen for a long time, had a huge giggle with Yookey, Basil was the best roomie and everyone I spent time with was just fun and nice.

I did have an absolute nightmare on the first day of the con, idiot here left her bag in the airport, with my passport in it! Luckily it turned up the next day but there was half a day of DD: oh fuck. Things were swiftly back on track after that.

Many drinks were had, Confuzzled 2022 was sponsored by fruity cider! We played some room games, and went to a kid’s disco DJ set, which was an absolute blast. I danced too much and my feet were broken the next day, but it was so worth it!

Panels and Art Battle

Confuzzled had a bunch of great panels this year. Our group did Jymgo, watched Taskmaster and went to a few smaller ones.

Like the day before the con someone put out a call for artists for the Art Battle, because they were short a couple of people, so I signed up.

And only freakin’ won the thing :O!!!

My friends made a huge fuss over it which felt super nice.

Suiting for the first time

Properly anyway, I suited briefly at London furs once and Alby has kind of been in hiding since. It was much more fun to do it in a con space with more friends doing it too.

I went to the SGS suit meet and had a bunch of fun with Yookey, Basil and Felix, I’m pretty easy to take the head on and off though which is probably bad but it’s hard to see in those things XD

Honestly I thought suiting would come more natural to me, I’ve done mascot wearing at my regular job before and really enjoyed it, and felt able to get in to character easier.

I have two theories why I’m struggling with Alby more:

  1. Partial, maybe I need a full suit to feel more in character?
  2. Maybe it’s because Alby represents myself, and that’s harder to do?

I have a Noah full suit on order so it’ll be interesting to see how I take to that, but I had a lot of fun regardless, I think it might also get easier to let go in suit when I’ve done it more.


I got a whole buncha stickers, and some clothes. Flux the cat makes t-shirts which make me feel hella cool when I wear them. I also got a doodle of Alby as a bee because the charity for the convention was a bee one.

I bidded on a bunch of bee art in the art show but didn’t win, they went super high! Which is great for the charity. I loved bees as a charity theme, it’s a Manchester thing, bees mean a lot to you when you come from my town, especially in recent years. I won’t bore you with a history lesson though.

Thoughts on CFZ next year

It can’t come quickly enough!

I’ve been on the fence about dealing at Confuzzled next year, I’m still leaning towards not doing but it might depend on funds and what’s going on, I make a lot of cash when I deal so it’s hard not to sometimes.

If there’s an Artists Alley next time that might end up being the ideal thing to do instead.

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