Membership terms and FYIs

Membership terms and FYIs

This page is just for some additional information to members, about how rewards work, stacking and exchanging.

Claiming rewards

All reward requests must be made via the membership reward form. I update the form at the end of every month for the following month. Fill it in early to get your reward sooner in most cases, but the final due date for all rewards is the last day of the month.

On rare occasion some rewards spill in to the following month, this is either due to me being busy or me getting your reward request later in the month, if it is the case that it will spill in to the next month I will let you know though.

If you forget to claim a reward, you can claim multiple later, but if you don’t claim any rewards or let me know you’re stacking after 6 months, I will cancel your subscription. This is to prevent anyone just long-term giving me money for nothing.

Stacking rewards/Reward credit

If you don’t want to claim your reward for the month, you’re welcome to stack it, so for example, if you don’t want this month’s YCHs, you could claim 2 the following month.

You can also choose to not claim a reward and instead use the reward payment as credit on any other commission type. So for example, you don’t claim your $20 YCH sticker, you can have a $20 reduction on one of my public or membership YCHs, or a custom commission (if I am open). The only exception to this rule is custom stickers.

It is your job to keep track of stacked rewards and credits, I will check things match up when the time comes, but I don’t keep a tally of everyone’s reward stacking on my side, I just trust you guys and its always worked to just do it on the fly tbh.

Custom Stickers

I don’t really do custom Telegram stickers outside of the custom sticker tier on my membership, but I am happy to do one-off custom stickers for members on request.

The way this works is you can just contact me when you want a custom sticker and if I have the time/queue space I will add it to my jobs.

You cannot swap your reward credit for a custom sticker, because the time they take to make compared to YCH work makes it not sustainable for me to take on loads of custom stickers at once.

Custom stickers are $30 (member price) and only request one or two at a time, I won’t do large custom sticker batches because again, they take a lot of time and slow my entire queue down if I do. Basically just feel free to DM me if you have a sudden need for a custom sticker and if I can fit it in I’m happy to! I’m just very cautious about not taking on too many at once.

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